IBI. Nuevo miembro en la familia feroz.

IBI. New member in the fierce family.

Like each of the models we created from scratch, Ibi, it took us sweat and tears to get the result we wanted 🤯.

Its name refers to a small town located in an Alicante valley surrounded by mountains 🏞️ . And it is no coincidence, the Ibi adapt to all terrains !

In the fierce backroom we don't follow fashions much, rather we pay attention to the comments that fierce families leave us to develop new things with meaning 🧐 . Needs that are engraved in us and emerge insistently until we manage to resolve them. ❤️‍🔥

We had been wanting to develop footwear that adapted to the lifestyle that fierce moms and dads share for a long time. Long days in which work, personal and conciliation are constantly intertwined, filling the days with activity and movement 🚴‍♀️ 👩‍⚕️🚗, and where versatility is essential.

Like good shoemakers, we take everything to our feet 👣 and translate everything into shoes. And our best inspiration comes from our experience with the little ones.

What model would best adapt to that rhythm 💃 ? Without a doubt, the Onil Rocker! that withstand the trot of our fiercest and most fearless little ones.👦 💕 🐺

This was to be our starting point! A sporty, light, flexible and stable sole like the Onil that can withstand a thousand and one daily battles.

We were thinking about moms, nurses, pursers, waitresses... all those professions that spend many hours standing or moving , that need something more from footwear: protection, resistance, breathability, elegance ... and of course respecting the natural shape of the foot. foot . After giving it a lot of thought in proportions and technical specifications, the Ibi have been the result.

An elegant and simple model 👞, to be able to wear it at work; reinforced rubber toe like the Rockers, to protect the foot; resistant materials with a good thermal balance to allow perspiration, elastic and velcro closure to easily adjust it... and much more that we took into account.

And after testing it ourselves, we were left with the litmus test, the test of the fierce mommies.

We invited several fierce mommy clients to try them out for a few days: a bag lady, two nurses, a waitress, an administrator, and a fruit seller.

In general, the sensations were very good. Comfortable, flexible, stable ... but it's better that they tell you themselves.

Today we share the experience "A day with Ibi" of Bea, a nurse in a hospital, who was lucky enough to try the pale pink Ibi, in size 38.

When you took them out of the box, did you feel love at first sight? What feelings did they give you?
I loved the color (I have the pale pink ones) because it gave me the feeling that they were paler. Besides, they seem very “pleasant” to touch, because of the neoprene.
Were they comfortable for you after putting them on?
I noticed the foot was very comfortable , supported, but not tight. Yes, I have noticed them a little longer than another 38, but it has not influenced me to walk. The first day, a seam on the little toe of my right foot did bother me a little. but it didn't touch me. It's true that I was wearing a thin sock and I wore them for more than 17 hours at a time 🤪. I let them rest for a day without wearing them and when I put them on again I couldn't notice the seam.
pale pink ibi test
Were they easy to put on and take off?
They have an incredible opening to easily put your foot in. I have thin feet and I have not noticed that my foot moved inside the shoe in the elastic area. I loved the idea that the velcro is also on the tongue because they always go to the sides for me!! Putting them on is also very simple because the foot goes in very easily and you only have to adjust the velcro.
We want you to tell us in detail about your day with the Ibis. 🤗 Did they accompany you all day or did you wear different shoes? Why did you change your shoes?
mommy ibi
I put them on at 10 in the morning and was around the house and on the street doing some errands. Then I drove 2 hours and spent 17 hours working, taking more than 11,000 steps in total around the hospital floor. 2 more hours in the car and at 11 in the morning the next day I took them off to sleep!! I wore them for more than 24 hours straight and I only took them off to change into hospital pajamas. I have worn them like this twice since I have returned to work and I have the feeling that each time they adapt more to my foot.

Did you move from one place to another? Walking, by bike, car,… How did you feel them while traveling?

The first time I put them on I felt like they gripped the ground more than other shoes I usually wear. In fact, I walked over wet floors in the hospital and although I was careful, they didn't slip. They are very flexible and soft , when driving and keeping my foot flexed all the time on the accelerator I have not noticed that it stuck anywhere.
Tell us about your superpowers. 🦸‍♀️ What do you do in your day to day life?
mommy ibi 2

I am a nurse on the internal medicine ward of a hospital in a town in Almería. I spend a lot of time walking through the hallways and entering rooms. I am in contact with fluids, whether from medication or from patients, such as blood, urine... our shoes have to give us stability, support the foot well so we can run if necessary, be waterproof so that if something falls on us, it won't happen to us. to the foot and easy to clean. The Ibi are also pretty 😍

Describe the terrain you walk on and how your feet feel as you work.
It is a hard granite floor but it is often slippery either because they have just been mopped or because there has been an incident with the serums...
Have your sneakers gotten dirty while doing a task? How have the different materials responded? Have they gotten very dirty? Were you able to clean them easily?
The toe has gotten dirty but I love the color since it is very resistant to stains! Also a drop of something undetermined fell on the neoprene area but I wiped it with a wipe and it was perfect ! I didn't expect the fabric area to clean up so easily and I loved it.
How have they regulated the temperature of your feet? Have you felt hot or cold? Have your feet sweated?
I have worn them with a thin cotton sock and I have noticed that my feet sweat when I have worn them for a few hours although I did not have any sensation of heat.
Leave your comments here on how we can improve Ibi to meet your work needs.
When I used to write on the computer at work I always ended up looking for my clogs under the table because I would take them off and my feet would get tangled in the legs of the chairs. It was funny to realize that now I have done the same thing but without need to take off my shoes because they gave me the same freedom to play with my feet in my paws! I have had a feeling of comfort in my feet despite standing or walking for a long time and I have been surprised by how easy it is to clean them, which I think is essential for healthcare workers. I would like my feet to sweat a little less, but I don't know how that can be improved. In any case, the advantages of wearing them win by far!
What activities have you done in your free time? Sports, playing, walking, running errands, ... Did the Ibi adapt well to your fierce life?
I have run errands around town, I have gone to the dirt and rock park, I have run after a girl on a bike... but I also went to dinner on Saturday with them and, apart from the fact that they have adapted to all the terrain and do not I have never felt the need to take them off, it seems to me that the aesthetics they have mean that they can also adapt to many styles!
When you came home after a long day, did you have the feeling of wanting to take off your shoes?
I have come forward with this answer before... but at no time have I wanted to take them off because my feet felt tired.
In summary, what aspects would you highlight about your experience with the Ibi?
I really liked the feeling of comfort on the foot, the support without feeling pressure at any point , the ease of cleaning and that they are beautiful.

There were several moms who had the opportunity to try the Ibi, we will soon share their testimonies on our networks.

ibi mommies test

📣 The Ibis will go on sale in December so you can put them under the tree 🌲. They will be in adult, child and baby . We will tell you everything in the Newsletter.

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