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To walk without shoes. First steps.

A few weeks ago in this post we told you about the objective of the FEROZ shoe as a brand of children's footwear for the first steps . Today we emphasize the need to respect the philosophy of 'going barefoot' that we defend and how necessary it is in the first stage of children's growth. Walking barefoot is all the little one needs in his first steps . From birth to adolescence, the child's foot is constantly growing. Hence the need for it to grow freely . Footwear should not press or become a barrier that prevents the natural development of muscles and joints. It is clear that it is not possible to go out barefoot and that the foot needs the protection of external agents. That is why the importance of knowing what type of children's footwear to use in the first steps. In this stage of growth, FEROZ shoes come into play. Our goal is to accompany the child, up to approximately 24 months. In this phase we want to prevent your feet from suffering when in contact with the outer surface, but we must not forget that the foot must continue to grow at its own pace. For this reason choosing the right shoe is essential.

Development phases of the child, and indicated footwear, up to 3 years:

  1. From 0 to the beginning of the crawl. It is not necessary to put shoes on it. If you want socks or booties in case there is a need to protect them from the cold
  2. Crawling phase . It is still ideal to go barefoot or they are socks. In case you want to protect the foot for the outside environment, it is important that the footwear protects them from the cold and from blows, being made with natural materials. As minimalist as possible.
  3. From 1 year to 3 . The child takes his first steps, begins to walk and should wear light shoes with flexible soles that allow him to feel contact with the ground.
In this sense, the FEROZ shoe meets the needs indicated above, taking into account that they are stages in which it is essential that the child walk barefoot. "Walking barefoot on uneven terrain favors the correct development of your gait," confirms Javier Ferrer, a podiatrist at the Nisa Valencia al Mar Hospital. He himself indicates in an article in Nisa Hospitals that "a child's bone structure is made up of cartilage, which will still take many years to fully consolidate. In addition, the feet present an advance of the previous sensory-sensory system in several months to the hands . They provide tactile and stereoceptive information about the child's environment. They help them to measure their spaces, already doing walking and jumping exercises in their own cradle, waiting for their sense of balance. For this reason, if we cover them when they have not yet developed this sensory system, we are harming the optimal development of the child " .

To consider:

  • Put shoes on the little one when necessary, that is, when they start to walk and we need to protect them from hostile surfaces
  • Avoid footwear that causes chafing
  • Natural and flexible materials
  • rounded toe
  • Importance of walking barefoot to promote the correct gait of the child
Following these guidelines we have developed FEROZ shoe. Its characteristics meet the needs of children up to 2 years of age, so that your baby's foot enjoys all possible comfort. And with our soles, your baby can easily explore any type of surface, both at home and in the outside world. Our sizes and models allow the little ones to jump, run on any surface and walk with total stability: as if they were walking barefoot. Discover our collection in the ONLINE STORE .
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