La microfibra feroz

Our microfibre for Feroz shoes

🤓 Choosing the right microfibre for our shoes was not an easy task. Can you imagine? Thousands of babies, kids and toddlers wearing it on their feet every day!

👩‍🔬 We tested it in the laboratory ⚗️and on adults and kids as our guinea pigs 🐰 for several seasons until we found the material that met all our needs. And when it finally happened, we fell in love with it 💍🥰.

Today we’re going to tell you all about its strengths and weaknesses to help you take better care of your Feroz shoes.

fierce microfiber still life 🤩 We love our microfibre because it has the same characteristics as natural leather, but can withstand lots of running around! 🤸🏿 It has a similar appearance to leather in a light and breathable material which is soft and pleasant to the touch. It is also very resistant, easy-to-clean and quick drying. And what makes it almost perfect is that it is vegan and eco-friendly, and free of any harmful toxins.
But like any superhero ♂️🦸, it has its weaknesses and today we are going to find out about the kryptonite 🪨 of our microfibre. But first, let's quickly review our cleaning tips, and see why shortcuts don't work. Watch how to clean your shoes here.

It is very important to clean them by hand. Shoes are complex objects: they are made with many different materials and must fit our feet.📐Putting them in the washing machine can cause parts of the shoe such as the seams and material to deteriorate and affect the fit of the shoe. This is why we strongly recommend NOT to put them in the washing machine.

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Clean them with warm water using a neutral soap and a brush. Here comes the important bit. The combination of water and cleaning product you use will either give your shoes a long, shiny life, or weaken them quickly.

The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. High temperatures can affect the different materials of the shoe and the dimensions of the fit may change.

Microfibre is a very strong and mechanically resistant material🏋️‍♀️, but it is extremely sensitive to chemicals 🧪.

📢 This is why we always say “clean your shoes with a neutral or natural soap", and we really mean it. We recommend soaps that are unscented, chemical and dye free such as Savon de Marseille, white soap or Beltrán natural soap.

On social media, we are constantly bombarded with tricks from mums who recommend domestic cleaning products, which are apparently harmless 👼, but these can spell disaster for💣your microfibre Feroz shoes.

Any type of product containing alcohol, acetone or even regular stain removers can break down the surface of the microfibre. And if you're thinking that you don't use any of those products, read about what hand wipes, hydroalcoholic gels, multipurpose cleaners or degreasers contain. They all tend to have alcohol-based scents and other highly corrosive components.

Here is a list of products that we strongly recommend you NOT to use, and some tests we carried out with natural products. It is better to remember that a smaller amount, with repeated use, has a similar effect.

Alcohol and its hydroalcoholic derivatives. When we rubbed some alcohol on a small area of the shoe and then wiped it off with a paper towel, the area became discoloured. Scented wipes, disinfectant wipes and hand gels can all damage your Feroz shoes.

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👿 Other harmful products include: bleach, the magic eraser, degreasers, Biobel stain remover...

Here is a video and some more information about caring for your shoes.

Long live your Feroz microfibre shoes!

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