Los zapatos también respiran. Coolmax®

Shoes breathe too. Coolmax®

Today we are going to reveal to you the hidden secret⚗️ within the Coolmax® fabric, which we use in the linings and insoles of our shoes! 🌟

It is a particularly breathable fabric, which allows the shoes to breathe 😮‍💨, evacuating sweat from the feet to the outside of the shoe, keeping the feet drier.

And so that the little ones in the house can easily understand the secrets of science, here we offer you a super simple experiment. 🧪

You will only need two t-shirts👕, one made of cotton, and another made of Coolmax technical fabric (or a technical sports t-shirt) and the desire to move.


1️⃣ First you will try the cotton t-shirt. You have to move your body a little to get the body moving.
How about you go around the room doing the 🐒 jumping monkey dance?
You will see how the body heats up and begins to sweat.

That's what we want!


2️⃣ The idea is to repeat the same test with a breathable technical t-shirt and discover the differences.

🤓 Analyze together the little one's body sensations and the state of the shirt.

🧪 The cotton t-shirt will probably get damp, it may weigh more than before you put it on, and your body will feel hot and humid. And with the breathable Coolmax® technology, the shirt is sure to be drier, and they feel fresh and light.

🧑‍🔬 Why does this happen? The magic of Coolmax® is in how the fabric is made. The threads that make up the fabric are made with special fibers designed with channels 🧬that allow sweat to be transported. They work like a magnet , absorbing sweat from the skin and quickly moving it away from our body , transporting it to the outer surface of the fabric, where it evaporates quickly in contact with the air, keeping the body cool and dry.

Have you noticed that your feet are never still? Even when we are at rest, the little fingers continue to move. They do not stop sweating and it is important that the shoes are capable of evacuating part of the sweat. With the Coolmax lining and our breathable microfiber, sweating can be channeled to the outside.

👁️‍🗨️ However, sweat on the insole part often gets trapped on the inside of the rubber sole. It is advisable to take out the insoles when you get home to allow them to dry overnight.

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