Calendario de adviento FEROZ

FEROZ advent calendar

Mom, Dad, how long until Christmas? 🤗 Surely you have already answered this question on more than one occasion this year. And they are the most anticipated dates for the little ones in the house ✨.

It is a long wait that comes full of hope and joy, which we older people are infected with, doing the impossible to create a special scenario for them 😅 .

Christmas in childhood is a cocktail of emotions. Surprises, magic, delicious food, family time, trips... 🤩 without a doubt, a time that leaves a mark 👣 in the memory of our little ones. That's why we want to give it the importance it deserves.

advent activities At Zapato FEROZ we want to help you with Christmas preparations, and make waiting for the little ones a time to have fun with the family, and a tool of learning and value.

We suggest you build the Advent Calendar 📆 that we have created with a lot of love , so that every day is exciting, and make the preparations an excuse to share, have fun, learn, discover and experiment.

The idea is to create a Christmas house 🏡 from which a surprise activity will emerge for each day until Christmas 🎄 . We propose 30 activities. You can choose the 24 you prefer, order them to your liking, for everyone or as a surprise for the little ones, join them and number them behind from December 1 to December 24.

The support that we propose to create the calendar is our fierce box. The handle will help you hang it from the Christmas tree! On the back there is a slot through which the surprise activity strip will come out 😲 . We also leave you a cut-out house so that the little ones can paint and decorate to their liking. ✍️ advent calendar montage ✂️The material to carry it out: the printed pdf , scissors , colors , tape and glue .

You can also decorate a Rockers box or any other . You will only have to make a slot through which to remove the activity roll.

Here we leave you a pdf with the activity so you can print it.

Downloadable FEROZ advent calendar

Roc shows you better how to assemble it.

You can share this activity with all your friends.

Merry christmas!




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