Bebé con un zapato puesto y otro quitado

Massage your baby's feet

Help them calm down with foot massages. We give you some tips that you can follow to relax the little one. You can turn this moment into a daily habit.
Foot massages help the baby sleep better. You can use them as therapy."


During the day there are several propitious moments such as the period after the bath, in which the baby is more relaxed or, after the feeding prior to sleep, either at noon or in the evening - night. Prepare the space by setting it with dim and warm lights and accompany them with natural scents or the same ones you use for your baby when leaving the bathroom. Place the baby on the bed and cover your hands with moisturizing cream or baby oils.


The massage should last between 10' and 30'. Always depending on the desire of the baby. If you feel that the baby is not willing to continue, you should reduce the massage time.


Slide the thumb from the heel to the little fingers and do the same gesture on the top of the foot. This way you help stimulate their nerve endings. Stroke the little toes underneath to stimulate the closing movement that, at the same time, simulates the need for grip that they exercise when they put their feet on the ground. Finally, place your hand on the upper part, pressing gently, so the baby will discover where the limit of his body is. We share a diagram of the team so that you do not have doubts while massaging your baby's feet. MuchBaby-massages-feet1
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