"Rockear" Nuestra canción

"Rock" Our song

As part of our work, we like to focus on promoting a culture of respect during childhood.

We're starting to see groups of likeminded people who work along the same lines of freedom of movement. So when we discover a project that speaks our language, we get all excited and want to collaborate.

And this is what happened with "Yo soy Ratón", a different rock group for kids. With songs worthy of the best rock bands, their lyrics are in touch with what kids are feeling, and promote values of respect and empathy. We love everything about them: what they sing about and how they sing it...😍

Roc couldn't get enough of them, so Lau and Héctor decided to get in touch with the band's lead singer and composer, Manu Rubio, to propose a collaboration.

Manu had written this really cool song for his daughter Lola called "Lolear"🤩 It highlights ​​the individuality of each child and asks us to be present and available, but also trust in their abilities and let them be the protagonists of their own life.

It was from this song, (with Lola's permission, of course) that the idea arose of ​​sharing these values ​​with Feroz kids.

It all started with the song that Manu wrote for Roc, which he called "Rockear". And since our children's shoes are called Rockers, we thought that this could be the theme tune to celebrate moving up from baby and toddler Feroz shoes to children's Rockers.


After the success of this song, we wanted to go further and have a Feroz competition where the winners could have their version sung by "Yo soy Ratón" with their name in the title: "Martinear" "Juliear". It was very exciting! What better way to recognise their individuality than give them the chance of being the protagonist of a song about it?

Here is Roc's song!

We want your kids to have their own version of the song too, so here is the printed version of the lyrics. Print them out and write their name in the gaps. Download the file with the melody and sing along with their personalised lyrics.

Download the lyrics (PDF)

Download the melody (MP3)

And a one, and a two, and sing!!

Competition "Design your own Feroz shoes."
IBI. New member in the fierce family.

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