Historias de una línea llamada "Ulises".

Stories from a line called "Ulysses."

Today we tell you one of those stories that moves us 🥲 , and moves us to continue🥰 season after season 💪.

just heras ferocious

We talk to you about how the special edition of "Ulysses" came about, which this summer fills the collection with color.

In fact, we let Justo tell it to you directly, the dad who illustrated the ferocity of his little Ulysses (who gives its name to the edition), and from whom we were inspired to develop the pattern that will accompany many little ones this summer.

💞 Because the intention is what counts, we are going to tell you.

We leave you the beautiful letter that Justo Heras sent us, with his story as an artist, entrepreneur and dad in love with childhood.

Since I was a child I moved with the same motivation around creativity .
I grew up in Tarragona where I lived until I was 18 years old. It was the city that saw me grow up and where I painted my first murals. From there I moved to Barcelona, ​​where I was able to develop part of that potential. Despite having been painting murals for more than two decades, I am not a typical graffiti artist. I quickly moved away from the city to develop my art without having to violate other people's property. I respect and analyze the environment where my piece will be painted, as well as its community. Above all, my greatest desire has been to spread that idyllic message that brings you closer to when you were a child, and that when you pass by it makes you smile.
just your artistic work
After my fine arts studies, I worked as a teacher in two secondary and BAT schools in Barcelona. It was there that I realized that the transmission of knowledge was something I loved as a way of life. I not only loved the what , but also the how , applying art pedagogy methods at that time while studying my master's degree in art production.
just heras sneakers
Right there I ran into Raquel and began the (unsought) path of creating a brand (Laser Barcelona) from which the whole family could live. And this, it must be said, is a privilege.
It took 4 years until we opened our first store, located in central Barcelona , ​​which is an all-in-one, because the space downstairs is where we house our studio, warehouse, printing workshop and photography space.
We spent a few happy years enjoying our new place and dream come true, working hard, and with the idea of ​​expanding our team in the near future to be able to go look for Olivia, who did not arrive until 2019.
When she was just born, she was already a fairgrounder and was able to see dad and mom at El Festivalet, a community of creators of which we will always be a part.
You were just thinking
Olivia stole my heart before I was born. I tried to look for her among my drawings, my notes and the nest that we were preparing for her . Before taking his first steps we were in confinement, like half the world, and those moments were ideal for the 3 of us to enjoy ourselves better than ever.
As a dad and artist, I have always wanted to investigate all my records to be able to turn my environment into a living and unique element. I remember seeing Olivia with her first "Espadán" when I met Zapato Feroz.
I thought about how I could do something in them, without breaking that simplicity. In the end, when things are simple and well done, there is no way to attribute more value to them.
But then Ulysses arrived. Our little one was born at home in the water, with his mother, his sister, his grandmother and me :)
It was so fast that the midwife didn't even have time to arrive. Finally we were all together with that same feeling.
Olivia and I talked about what he would be like, what it would be like to be together, and all the things we would teach him.
It was with him that I found the idea of ​​painting his first sandals, which will now bear his name 🤩.
just heras painting fierce
I had been painting that print of the elephants that I illustrate for a long time, so there was no need to look or do something new, or go further, but rather paint what made me happy and it came out on its own.

Like all children, Dad also has his favorite animal and Totem at the same time: the elephant. In those small, attentive and precise strokes, there was that unconditional love for him (the minimum essence).
Something that Raquel does (long before she met me) is that she captures the moments around her. Stop time for an instant, so you can see that moment as many times as you want.
The sum of both made her want to show other mothers what for me was something intimate (like preparing your son something delicious or giving him a bath) and we repeated it several times as fans of Zapato Feroz in all of his first shoes.
This is what inspired Lau. That intimate dad/son moment, in which you leave that imprint on his shoes that accompany him in his first steps.
Thinking now that I will be able to see that “unprinted” message on the shoes of many babies and Rockers who have moms and dads as attentive as us, makes me believe that this is no coincidence 😄.
just heras family
Our fierce life is complete living next to the sea, looking for as much time as possible to be together, playing a lot and sharing the creative and simple life we ​​want to have.

The brand and store they are telling us about is Laser Barcelona . Clothing and lifestyle produced locally and with values ​​similar to Zapato FEROZ.
This summer, the Special Edition "Ulises" will be in the Moraira and Paterna models, fierce and rocker.

You can find them on our website, and also in their physical store laser Barcelona Flag ship store.

fierce and rocker ulysses
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  • Jesus
    Jan 31, 2024 at 13:02

    Me encanta esta ilustración… sigo la obra de Justo y hace unas ilustraciones preciosas y divertidas.


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