Feroz Market 2024

You know that we don't like to throw away anything, we repair everything possible and we donate the leftovers or small aesthetic defects or do other actions to give them life, like this market, because they are fully functional shoes. ❤️️

We would like to inform you that this Friday, July 5, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. , we are holding a market in Ferozland with all these loose pairs or from other seasons.

We will organize the feroces by sizes, so that it is easier for you to find what you need. Sizes 27 and 28 are the least fortunate, and there are hardly any pairs. 😞

Below you can see the prices of the models we have for sale ⤵️

Feroz Market Prices 2024

☝️ We want to inform you that exchanges or returns of the shoes from the market are not allowed.

👥 Mellis Feroces 💞

Our latest idea for the market was the Mellis Feroces . They are loose feet of the same model and material but with different colors, in sizes 24, M and 38 at a symbolic price of 10 euros.

Mellis Feroces - Feroz Market 2024

By adopting a pair of Mellis Feroces, in addition to helping us be more sustainable , you will get unique footwear and, most importantly, you will make shoes happy that you could not even imagine being able to fit on your feet. 🌍 👞🤩

Prior appointment and waiting list 📋

In order to organize everything well and serve you in the best possible way, we have decided to implement an appointment system combined with a waiting list. 📋

This means that you have the option of booking an appointment at an approximate time to be attended to, or coming directly to Ferozland, signing up for the waiting list (queue) through a QR code and we will assist you when there is a free space. 📅 ⏰

▶️ Please note that customers who have a previously booked appointment will have entry preference. If you come without an appointment you will be able to enter if there is a cancellation of a prior appointment or a gap between appointments, but we cannot guarantee the time or availability of entry. ◀️

We have prepared this little diagram for you so that you can have everything clearer ⤵️
Appointment for the Feroz 2024 market
Access to the Feroz 2024 market

🏡 Ferozland is at Calle 417, 12 in La Cañada (Paterna). If you come with the GPS from Valencia, it will take you through the Fuente del Jarro industrial estate. All right.

⚠️ We are located in a residential area with unmarked parking space. We want to respect the tranquility of our neighbors, therefore, we ask that you park your car correctly and in no case leave your car in the vehicle exit of any home. Thank you.