Jucar Adult AW23

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White Microfiber
Nut Leather
Black Microfiber Nobuck
Gris Microfibra Nobuck
Pink Leather

👶 Would you like to feel the same as your little ones feel when wearing the ferocious ones?

👣 A minimalist shoe to quickly adapt your feet to the feeling of walking barefoot.

🧠 Change your habits to improve your quality of life , starting with your feet.

🐮 Skin: pale pink and nut.
🌱 Vegans – microfiber: white, black and grey.

Minimalist boot for the whole family. It is our tall Paterna model, with great adaptability thanks to its laces.

🫠 Warm microfiber lining, medium thermal comfort.

🌬️ Nitrile natural rubber sole for greater grip in inclement weather. The side strap protects the foot against impacts. You will have them in two materials.

🐮 Skin: pale pink and nut.
🌱 Vegans – microfiber: white, black and gray.


Outer material

In this model you can choose between leather and microfiber.

🌱 Microfiber (White) nubuck microfiber (Black and gray) . They reproduce the characteristics of natural leather, but are less delicate. Breathable, flexible, resistant and can be easily cleaned.

🐮 Natural skin (pink and nut) , very soft and squishy, ​​comfort as if wearing double skin. High breathability. More delicate cleaning . The finish of our leathers may present irregularities.


🤗 Fine and warm microfiber fabric. Soft and pleasant touch. Allows perspiration providing medium thermal comfort. Ideal for mid-season or mild winters.


👣 Technical, removable and breathable insole. Drier feet. Material: Double layer, foam support. Highly breathable technical fabric that keeps the foot dry for longer.
🌱 OEKO-TEX ecological certificate, STANDARD 100.


👟 Flexible nitrile rubber soles. They have an excellent grip .
Minimum thickness to reduce impacts without losing contact with the ground.


⚠️ If you are one of those who clean your shoes every day, know that in the long run it can be counterproductive. Excessive cleaning can contribute to accelerate the degradation of the shoe.

❌ Do not put them in the washing machine, since we cannot guarantee that they will come out in good condition.
❌ Brightly colored shoes could release some color when submerged, so we recommend that you only clean them with a very well-drained damp cloth.

How to clean your nubuck microfiber fierces:

🧻 Place paper inside your Feroz so it doesn't sink when cleaning it.
🧹Put a little natural shoe cleaner on a soft shoe brush and wet the brush lightly with water.
🧹 Brush the shoe .
💧 Dampen a cloth with water (drain it well) and give the shoe a final pass to remove the cleaner.
Let it dry (never in the sun).
🧽 Go over it with a shoe sponge (as it is a Nubuck-type finish, when it dries there may be areas of a different color and with this sponge it evens out).
🌟 Ready!

We leave you the video of how to clean:


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