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Raspberry Leather
Mostaza Piel
Blue Microfiber
Negro Piel
Pink Leather

🧲 For those who prefer Booty. You won't take them off for even a minute.

👶 Would you like to go the same way with your little one? You'll have matching fierces and rockers with the same color combinations.

🌈 Pale pink leather and blue microfiber colors combined with beige toe cap and sole, and raspberry, mustard and black leather colors combined with white sole.

🌱 Vegan: Blue.


Leather ankle boots that leave you total freedom of movement.

🩰 First cousin of the Júcar, but with the Jérica floor, tighter for thinner feet.

👣 Healthy footwear to quickly adapt your feet to the feeling of walking barefoot.

🧠 Enjoy an experience on your feet that you won't be able to forget ... once you try them, there will be no going back.

🌬️ Nitrile natural rubber sole for greater grip in inclement weather.


Outer material

In this model you can choose between leather and microfiber.

🐮 Natural leather (pink, mustard and raspberry) , very soft and squishy, ​​comfort as if wearing double skin. High breathability. More delicate cleaning . The natural finish of our leathers may present irregularities.

🌱 Nubuck microfiber (blue). They reproduce the characteristics of natural leather, but are less delicate. Breathable, flexible, resistant and can be easily cleaned.


Micro-perforated technical fabric, for greater breathability and dryness of the foot.

🌱 OEKO-TEX ecological certificate, STANDARD 100


👣 All fierce insoles are removable. Being able to wash them often improves the health of your feet. They are light, flexible and seamless.

Specially designed to be breathable , light, flexible and resistant. Made with a micro-perforated technical fabric and high-quality foam support that helps evacuate sweat.

They keep the foot dry for longer.

🌱 OEKO-TEX ecological certificate, STANDARD 100


👟 Flexible nitrile rubber soles. They have an excellent grip. 👟Flexible, nitrile rubber soles. They have an excellent grip. Minimum thickness to reduce impacts without losing contact with the reduce impacts without losing contact with the ground.

⚠️If you clean your shoes every day, be aware that it may result in long-term negative effects. Excessive cleaning can accelerate the degradation of the shoe.

❌ Do not put them in the washing machine because we cannot guarantee they will come out in good condition.
❌ Brightly coloured shoes may lose some of their colour if submerged in water. We recommend only using a well-wrung damp cloth to clean your footwear.

How to clean your leather Zapato Feroz footwear:

🧹Dry brush with a hard shoe brush to remove excess dirt.
🧹Brush the rubber toe cap with a little soap and water.
🧼Dry the rubber toe cap well with a cloth.
💧Dampen a cloth with water (only water) and squeeze it well to remove any excess water.
🤚🏻Use the cloth to clean the whole shoe..
🧹Brush the sole with a soft brush and water.
Leave it to dry (never in direct sunlight).
🧴When the shoe is dry, restore the leather by applying a layer of moisturizer or colourless shoe cream. Always apply the cream to a cloth first and then spread it over the shoe.
🌟Ready to wear!

This video shows you how to clean your Zapato FEROZ footwear:


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