Pies sanos y felices

Healthy and happy feet

Recortable pies felices Zapato Feroz

During my journey through this life, I have realized that sometimes you have to have human super powers. At work, when you have to do a thousand things, sometimes your super power means having multiple arms, so you can do 20 things at once, or multiple brains to be able to think of a million things at the same time. I was going to say eyes too, but as I am myopic, I already have that covered; four eyes forever. ❤️🤓

But now I've had to increase my "superheroism" because it is not only the general demands of work, home and life which are trying to kill me. Now, my superpowers have to increase because the world has changed...now I'M A MUM… (insert tense dramatic music here like…chan chan chaaaaaaannnnn).

Now, as a mum I have to have 20 arms to be able to stir the lentil stew while giving cuddles to my little one when he needs it. Now, as a mum, I have to have 20 eyes to be able to follow every rapid movement of the hurricane at home that threatens to destroy me and the minimum level of tidiness around the house (as well as vases, the TV, and the dog), and now as a mum I have demonstrate the super power of taking care of my baby and his well-being, as well as every step he takes. 🦸🏻‍♀️ 

So when my little one was still in my belly, swimming around warm like a scuba diver in a jacuzzi, I used my 20 eyes to discover the whole barefoot philosophy and realized that happy feet need a few things:

  • A comfortable house to live in. Because living inside a broom closet is ok if you're Harry Potter, but maybe it's not ideal for the rest of us.

  • Nice weather. Living in the North Pole or in the middle of the Gobi desert is not really for me. ☀️

  • A house that doesn't fall on your head: just enough to survive. 🏡

So, I applied the same parametres to my little one's feet as well as my own and decided to look for the right type of footwear. And it was while I was stretching my toes that I discovered Zapato Feroz. 🐺❤️

I couldn't believe it! When my feet tried their new 'home', they told me to go back to my cave because they were much better off where they were now. They love racing around their new home. The lint from my socks can no longer hide between my toes because it can't hold onto anything! Now, when I walk around barefoot at night I'm not afraid because my toes have developed a super power too (just like the rest of my body, right?) and they can dodge that evil corner of the furniture that gets you right between your little toe and ring toe, making you jump from the pain in your whole foot. 🦶🏻🤬

In short, I loved them so much that I decided that my little one had to try them too. And indeed, their beautiful little toes are much happier in their chalet with 6 rooms and space to run around.

But now he runs even faster so I need to develop the power of super speed or... join the gym...one of the two. 😅 😅 😅 😅

Cut Out Happy Feet

And as I am a superhero, it is my duty to take care of all those beautiful feet that are locked inside Harry Potter's closet. Here is an activity you can do together with your little one which lets them see what it feels like to have free and happy feet and toes 😊.

                                                                                                                              "Mum of Unicorns 🦄"

                                                                                                                                  María de la Plaza

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