How to make a return

👁️‍🗨️ If an incident or issue has occurred with the product you have received, this is not the right page. Please manage the incident via our contact form

If you want to make a voluntary return, select the correct option:

⏱️I have just placed an order

⌛ You have 30 minutes from when you place your order to cancel it via this simple process:

1. Access your account

💻 If you are browsing from a computer, click on the "My account" icon at the top of the web page

📱 If you are browsing from your mobile, you will find it at the bottom of the "hamburger" menu

2. Cancel your order

You will see a list with the orders you have made. Here you can "Cancel your order" or "Buy again" . Remember that if an order has already been Refunded, Cancelled or Shipped, it cannot be modified.

3. Refund.

We will cancel the entire order and refund the full amount using the original method of payment.

👟 I have already received my zapato FEROZ shoes and I want to make a return

  • 📆 You have 30 days from when you place the order to manage your return.
  • ⌛ It takes about 7-10 days to process refunds from when we receive the shoes.
  • 🔢 You can return one pair, multiple pairs, or the entire order.
  • 🧽The products and the box must be in perfect condition, clean and unused.
  • 📦 Prepare your package correctly: we would like to receive it in the same condition as you received it. We ask that you do not affix the return label directly to the box or seal it, but use a plastic bag or other box to protect it.


Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. For each order you place you will receive a link in your tracking email and a QR code on your delivery note (paper), both of which redirect you to the returns portal .



Once you enter the returns portal, you will see this screen.

Select the product you want to return. You can select as many products to return as there are items in your order.

Once the products have been selected, click on " Return X items"

To send us your package we give you two options:

  1. Delivery to the Post Office. In this case, you must deliver the package to a post office, and you will not need to print the return label. You will only have to show the barcode from the returns portal.
  2. Home pickup . If you have selected that option in our returns portal, a Correos courier will pick up the package. In this case you will have to print the return label and put it in the package.

⚠️ Always remember to enter the delivery note for your order inside the package, so that it is easier and faster for us to manage it in our warehouse.

  1. In your user account you can select which product to return and we will generate a transport label. You can either show it at the Post Office where you are going to take the package, or print it and affix it to the outside. This label enables us to identify both your order and your user, so you do not need to include anything inside the package.
  2. Take your package to a Post Office .
  3. If you make the return by your own means, we will need you to include your delivery note inside the package (in order to identify the order ).

If you want to return products from different orders in the same shipment , we will need you to process each return on our website and include the delivery notes of the different orders in the package, so we can identify each product.

The amount of the shipping costs of your original order will be refunded together with the amount of the returned shoes, minus the return costs (€5 from Spain, €10 from Europe).

⚠️ Remember that if an incident has occurred you must contact our customer service team via our contact form.