Frequent questions

Informacion sobre mi pedido

Information about my order

🤷‍♀️ Status of my order

👉 Can I cancel an order?

👉 I do not receive your emails

👉 I have a discount coupon, how do I use it?

💶🚛 How much do shipping costs cost me?

👉 The shoe I want is out of stock, can I reserve it?

Envíos y devoluciones

Shipping & Returns

📬 I made a mistake in my order and I want to change my shipping address

👉 Where is my order?

👉 Can I receive my order at an address other than mine?

👉 How long will my shipment take to arrive?

👉 To which places do we ship?

👉 Can I return a pack of socks?

👉 Can I return pairs of different orders?

👉 How should I prepare my return?

👉 How long do I have to request a return?

👉 I want to make a return from outside Spain

👉 When will I receive a refund for my order?

👉 Can I make a size change?

Limpieza y cuidados de zapatos

Cleaning and care

👉 Can I wash the insoles?

👉 What do I do if my fierce skin has gotten wet with pee?

👃 My baby's feet smell

👉 My little one put the fierce ones in the water. What do I do now?

👉 Care for and clean microfiber and fabric models

👉 How to care for and clean the skin?

Guia de tallas

I doubt what size to choose

👉 I don't know what size to choose, can you advise me?

👉 Until when will a size fit?

👉 My little one is just between two sizes, what can I do?

Informacion de pagos

Payment information

👉 What should I know about the new online payment regulations for PSD2 electronic commerce?

👉 Is VAT included in the web prices?

👉 Is online payment safe?