forma natutal

Natural form

The wide toe box gives little fingers room to be free and happy, strengthening and improving the entire body support.

Flat sole

Same height to the ground in the front and rear part of the shoe ( Zero Drop ). Natural tread and correct alignment of the back.

Thin sole

It receives more information from the ground through the feet to send to the brain, thus facilitating a more conscious and stable footstep.


It offers total freedom of movement, allowing the feet to develop and strengthen naturally.


Your little one will not find out that he is wearing them, offering the sensation of going barefoot.

What does a fierce shoe look like?

Desarrollo natural del pie

Designed for your little one's feet

Zapatos pensados para los pies de tu bebé

The function of our shoes is only to protect against external elements, it should never replace the natural functions of the foot.

Your little one's foot takes time to form, so it is important not to interfere with its development . We achieve it with lasts that do not oppress or interfere with its natural shape.

Designed to feel the world

Up to 11 months, your little one has more sensitivity in their feet than in their hands , they are their antenna to capture the world.

Our soles have thicknesses studied to allow you to receive information from the ground, feel safer and more agile, while stepping with your gaze forward.

Barefoot kids = Smarter kids.

Shoes to strengthen and respect their development

Zapatos para fortalecer el desarrollo del niño

We consciously design the shoes to allow the movement of the foot and the work of its muscles , making it stronger little by little.

We are all born with flat feet and as we strengthen it, the plantar arch forms.

At 4 years old it is good to take a look at his progress. Most of the children finish their education around the age of 8.

👨‍⚕️Lasts based on podiatric criteria

The foot is an anatomofunctional unit composed of 26 bones, 33 joints, 22 muscles and 107 ligaments , designed to support the weight of the body and walk that has evolved for more than 2 million years.

The Feroces Lasts are straight and imitate the dimensions and morphology of a human foot . This foot design makes all our shoes respect the shape of our feet as much as possible , and evolves following their growth pattern .
The last is the mold where your little one's foot will grow.

🌱 Materials of our shoes

Here you can see all the materials of this season's models, and tips for caring for and cleaning them.


Our natural, healthy, soft, soft leather adapts perfectly to your little one's foot.

Clean with a baby wipe. It can be cared for with unscented moisturizing cream or shoe repair cream.
If it gets wet, always dry in the shade.


We have found a perfect solution so that the white color can withstand a thousand battles. This microfiber reproduces the characteristics of leather, but withstands the jogging of our little ones much better.

The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 class I seal certifies, by an independent laboratory, that the fabric has passed the strictest controls, being able to affirm that it is ecological and free of agents harmful to health.

It can be completely wet and cleaned with a white sponge with a little soap. Do not use stain removers or strong chemicals.
If it gets wet, always dry in the shade.

Microfiber with nubuck finish

Our nubuck microfiber this season will have a sanded leather finish.

It can be completely wet and cleaned with a white sponge. When dry, brush to make it look like new. Dry in the shade. Do not use stain removers or strong chemicals.
If it gets wet, always dry in the shade.