¿Cómo es un zapato feroz?

forma natutal

Natural form

The wide toe box gives little fingers room to be free and happy, strengthening and improving the entire body support.

Flat sole

Same height to the ground in the front and rear part of the shoe ( Zero Drop ). Natural tread and correct alignment of the back.

Fine sole

It receives more information from the ground through the feet to send to the brain, thus facilitating a more conscious and stable footstep.


It offers total freedom of movement, allowing the feet to develop and strengthen naturally.


Your little one will not find out that he is wearing them, offering the sensation of going barefoot.

Desarrollo natural del pie
Pensados para los pies de tu peque
Zapatos pensados para los pies de tu bebé

La función de nuestros zapatos es únicamente proteger frente a elementos externos, nunca debe suplir funciones naturales del pie.

El pie de tu peque tarda en formarse, por lo que es importante no interferir en su desarrollo. Nosotros lo conseguimos con hormas que no le opriman ni interfieran en su forma natural.

Diseñados para sentir el mundo

Up to 11 months your little one has more sensitivity in his feet than in his hands , they are his antenna to capture the world.

Our soles have thicknesses studied so that they allow you to receive information from the ground, feel more secure and agile, while you step with your eyes forward.

Barefoot kids = Smarter kids.
Zapatos para fortalecer y respetar su desarrollo
Zapatos para fortalecer el desarrollo del niño

We consciously design the shoes to allow the movement of the foot and the work of its muscles , making it stronger little by little.

We are all born with flat feet and as we strengthen it, the plantar arch forms.

At 4 years old it is good to take a look at his progress. Most of the children finish their education around the age of 8.

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