Concurso Diseña tus feroces

"Design your fierce 2024" contest.

One more year we want to take advantage of the fact that the little ones have free afternoons 🌻 , offering them a fierce activity 🐺. We return with the contest "Design your Feroces".

It is about ✏️drawing,🎨coloring and🦄decorating a shoe template of Feroces.

At Zapato Feroz, we love making them feel capable❤️, so it doesn't have to fall within the expectations of an adult! hehehehe... Let's try to stay out of it even if it's difficult 🤪.

We want to value their bravery , inviting them to the freedom to represent the "Feroces of their dreams"🌈.

To participate in the contest. 👩‍🎨

Download the template that your child likes the most 👟 (you can choose between Feroz or Rocker model), to paint it, draw it and decorate it however you want. 🎨

Once your little one has made their artistic proposal:
- You send us the image through the form . 💌

Prize. 😻

We would love to make all the ideas that come to us come true, but since it is not possible, we will choose a drawing to make it into a REAL shoe🪄👟 and we will deliver it to its author.

🏅 The winner of the contest will be the one who touches our hearts the most.❤️

We will value the reactions of our Feroz community, so we invite you to publish it and tag it with the hashtag #diseñatusferoces and name us @zapatoferoz.

🥹Because it fills us with love, we leave you the testimony of Zoe's mother, the winner in the last edition . 💗 💗 💗


Zoe started walking with Zapato Feroz Shoe and hasn't stopped since. Creative by nature and passionate about vehicles, he did not hesitate to "design" his ideal shoe, and captured what was perfect for him. And what if it was! He has worn them with as much love as Lau and his team put into creating them. Loves! and if it were up to him, he would ask for them with every size change.
Now that they are small for the little one, we are going to put them in a frame next to his first Turia of 2018.
Thanks to Zapato Feroz for making us so happy and making us part of his family from his first steps and a thousand thanks to all the people who invested a little of your time in making one of our little one's dreams come true.

"Sometimes dreams come true, the impossible just takes a little longer" Mario Benedetti.

And because we never tire of sharing it, here is Adriana 's proposal, chosen in the 2022 edition.

Last year's winner

The participation period will be from until June 30 at 11:59 p.m. At that moment the deadline to send the drawings ends. 🗓️

On Wednesday, July 10 , we will announce the winner of the contest.📣

We leave you here the rules of the contest.

May the fierce force be with you.🍀

Shoes breathe too. Coolmax®


  • Veronika Binkova
    Jul 11, 2024 at 08:09

    Nos hace muchísima ilusión poder participar en un proyecto tan bonito 🫶🏼 Muchas gracias por pensar tanto en nuestros peques y darles la opción de diseñar sus propias zapatillas!! Eso no tiene precio. Con tanto cariño e ilusión, como dibujaba sus zapaticos, pensando, en que los podría llevar de verdad ☺️ Deseamos mucha suerte a todos!

  • Sara
    Jul 11, 2024 at 08:09

    La propuesta de Adriana me super encanta. La podíais hacer realidad para todo el mundo.
    Quizás, podríais hacer una edición especial del dibujo que salga para quien los quiera poder adquirirlos.


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