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We present you the novelties of this season. Be sure to visit this page often to stay up to date on everything that's going on behind the scenes.

You can see the Model Guide below or click here ⬇️


  • New appointment calendar for Ferozland.
  • May 27 ▶️ June 2: School pre-sale AW24.
  • 3 ▶️ June 9: Adult pre-sale AW24.
  • 4 June: SanRoc stock sale.

☀️ MAY 2024

🏡 JULY 5
Ferozland Market

For one day you can buy discounted items from other seasons and enjoy FEROZLAND.

📢 JULY 8
The Fierce sales begin.

Enjoy discounts of up to 20% on a wide selection of products.

📣 We open the May appointment calendar!

And we bring you news:

📆 New extended hours.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 A single type of appointment , in which you can resolve all your doubts and take the fierce ones that best fit you.
Don't worry about the length of the appointment; You will have enough time (approx. 30 minutes) to make the best decision, advised by our fierce team.

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Model guide

As we know that time is a precious commodity, we have simplified the information on this season's models.

In the Guide you will be able to see all the models, colors, materials and also the recommendations depending on the type of foot of your little one.

Click on each image or download the complete guide.

Direct pre-sale for AW24 schoolchildren 📚🎒👟

We will tell you with a coffee, ☕ everything you need to know about the new pre-sale of school shoes 2024. 📚🎒👟

And so you don't miss anything, we leave you a link to the last live shows made:

Direct from Hector with Laura Estremera , where they leave us some evolutionary touches. 🐒➡🏃
- The development of the baby from birth.👶
- Change our gaze towards free movement🤸‍♂
- Before is not better 🚫
And other foundations of free movement.

We had a coffee with Lau and told you fresh news about our new SanRoc collection, and the upcoming premiere on April 10. 🧐🆕

Also Lau shows us how Ferozland is filled with life and love Feroz, 🏡🐺❤️, how to choose the size in sandals🤔, the differences in SanRoc fit. 🔎 and reveals the next Feroz event, the National Podiatry Congress. ❤️🦶🏻 ... 😻💓💓

Direct from Lau where he shows us the new season of SS24 sandals: Benisa, Irta, Jávea, Canet, Tabarca, Altea, Gandía, Oliva, Saler... 😻💓💓💓
It also reminds us of the last call and reveals Ferozland to us. 🏡🐺

If you haven't heard much and want to see more videos, go to our YouTube channel... and don't forget to hit the subscribe button 😊

📏 Size Guide

We are following a new season with the same size guide as the previous one.

You can consult all the information to choose the ideal size for your little one on our FEROZ shoe size guide page.

🧦 Accessories

This season we have decided to create a new Accessories section, where you can find socks, insoles, buttresses and more accessories for your fierce ones.

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