Contrafuerte para uso con plantillas ortopédicas en calzado infantil

Experience of the Feroz heel cup

Since we released the FEROZ heel cup, dozens of children with podiatric pathologies have already benefited from it, and are now able to use and enjoy the advantages of our minimalist footwear.

We initiated the project two years ago with the idea that children who have to wear orthopedic insoles should also be able to wear Zapato Feroz shoes. Until that point insoles were incompatible with minimalist footwear. 

The first laboratory tests showed that by using heel cups in more rigid shoes, there was more of a tendency towards valgus than with Feroz shoes, which gave us all the more reason to design a device for children with foot pathologies so that they could wear shoes without giving up the orthopedic treatment they need.

shoe buttress placement
When considering which orthopedic device to buy, families also take into account the cost. By using this removable device for footwear that respects your child's feet, we have expanded the range of shoes your child can wear, since the heel cup can be used with any of our shoes. It is also available in two sizes: S (28-30) and M (31-33). All of these advantages come with the purchase of a single device at a very affordable price.

In the last two years, the process has been intense and laborious, both in terms of design and production until we came up with a solution: we made the required rear height of the shoe  compatible with the use of corrective insoles, which raise the heel inside the shoe and achieved the right consistency for the feet to receive the right impact against the ground.  child placing shoe buttress

During the final phase of the project, our favourite podiatrists, Roberto Pascual and Neus Moya gave us lots of support and encouragement while we added the finishing touches in order to perfect the prototypes.

We were very excited to patent our heel cup and started selling it in December 2021. Since then we have kept in contact with many of the pioneering families who use our device to find out first-hand how they are doing and how we can improve.

👩 Nadia thought of us for Nora, her 7-year-old daughter, while looking for some warm school shoes she could use with the orthopedic insoles she uses for her flat feet . Nadia purchased our Ademuz model with a heel cup, which Nora has worn every day since.

Nora is so happy with them because they are comfortable and warm. Now when she puts on her other trainers she complains that they squeeze her toes.

👩‍🦱 Mirian tells us

The heel cup was like a Christmas gift; it arrived just in time for my daughter to wear her Feroz shoes for the first time.

👩‍🦰 Laura, mum of 4-year-old Daniela, tells us that, following the advice of her podiatrist, they began to use corrective insoles with Daniela's Feroz shoes even before the heel cup became available, alternating them with other footwear for her flat feet. Now she uses the Feroz heel cup and according to her podiatrist, Daniela has made a clear improvement. She is also delighted because now she can use her FEROZ insole and heel cup. Laura told us that,
"Daniela doesn't get as tired as she used to and has stopped complaining about her calves and her feet. She says she can run without her foot slipping back in the shoe but above all, she's so happy with them that at school she showed them to all her classmates and teachers. They are her super shoes for running about."

👩‍🔬 A very important part of our design process is based on the feedback we receive from several podiatrists whose opinion we continue to value very highly following their check-ups with the children who use our heel cup.

changed child buttress running

💁🏻 Our heel cup is the culmination of a project made out of love for kids' feet and led by the objective that has guided us from the beginning: to offer you the best footwear that respect your child's feet; healthy, comfortable, resistant, beautiful, inclusive and affordable.

You can see our heel cup here


Healthy and happy feet
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  • Beatriz
    Dec 22, 2022 at 06:20

    Por favor, sacar más contrafuertes. Es una necesidad para los niños con pies planos y valgo.

  • Rocíos
    Dec 22, 2022 at 06:20

    A mi hija que usa calzado respetuoso una Podologa le acaba de diagnosticar pie valgo plano, le ha tomado las medidas para la plantilla pero me ha dicho que tiene que usarlas con un zapato con contrafuerte. Ella llevaba puestos en ese momento sus Aitana en número 24 y me ha dicho que la suela es ideal pero que me pusiese en contacto con vosotros para comprar el contrafuerte. He visto el vídeo de diciembre con el podólogo sobre los contrafuertes y quedasteis en que no fabricaríais 25-26-27, que es precisamente la franja de mi hija. ¿Tampoco lo haréis para la nueva temporada?Pensaba comprar en la preventa sus escolares y si se pudiese el contrafuerte.

  • Mark
    Dec 22, 2022 at 06:20

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

  • Anna
    Dec 22, 2022 at 06:20

    Buenos días, el contrafuerte se puede utilizar sin plantilla correctora?. Mi hijo utiliza Zapato Feroz pero ahora, después de la visita a la podóloga, nos pide que el zapato sea respetuoso pero con un poco de contrafuerte. Por ahora no le van a poner plantilla correctora. Gracias.

  • Noa
    Dec 22, 2022 at 06:20

    Ojalá pronto hagáis contrafuertes para números más pequeños. Yago tiene un XL casi 24 y necesita plantillas por su hemiparesia izquierda (varo en el pie afectado al supinar y valgo en el sano que prona).
    Desde que empezó a caminar ha usado feroces, sin ortesis porque a sus terapeutas les parecía perfecto que pudiera desarrollar su musculatura del pie y tobillo libremente con vuestros zapatos, pero ahora con las nuevas plantillas se le sale el zapato Liria izquierdo al correr. Es una pena porque efectivamente es por falta de un contrafuerte más rígido que contenga el pie al moverse. Tenemos 3 pares de Liria que no podemos usar y tenemos que pasarnos a calzado con contrafuerte rígido pero que no respeta el resto de aspectos de sus pies :(
    A ver si tenemos suerte y para el próximo otoño hay posibilidad de volver a los feroces.
    ¡Muchas gracias por vuestra labor, sois realmente especiales!


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