Contrafuerte para uso con plantillas ortopédicas en calzado infantil

Experiences with the FEROZ buttress

Since we put our FEROZ buttress on sale a little over a month ago, there are dozens of children with podiatric pathologies who have already benefited from it to be able to use and, therefore, enjoy the advantages offered by the use of our footwear minimalist . The project began two years ago with the idea that children with a pathology that forced them to wear orthopedic insoles would not have to give up wearing FEROZ, since until now the characteristics of a respectful shoe were not compatible with its use. . The first laboratory tests showed that even in more rigid footwear and with a buttress, the foot of the little ones was worth more than with the fierce ones, all the more reason to design a device that would allow these children with pathologies to use suitable footwear. for the health of your feet without giving up the orthopedic treatment they need. Thinking of specific orthopedic footwear also meant a high investment for families. With the use of this removable device for respectful footwear , we expanded the possibilities of having several shoes that could alternate since the FEROZ buttress can be placed in any of our shoes and adapts to two ranges of sizes : S from 28 to 30 and the M from size 31 to 33. And all this with the purchase of a single device, with a very affordable price. During these two years , the process has been intense and laborious, both in terms of design and production , until finding a solution that would allow all obstacles to be overcome: from the necessary rear height of the shoe so that it would not undercut with the use of corrective insoles , which raise the heel inside the shoe, until they achieve the necessary consistency to contain them without subtracting the necessary impact against the ground that the foot must receive. In the final phase of the project, already with the prototypes, two great podiatrists like Roberto Pascual and Neus Moya have been a great support and encouragement for us to outline the last details and make them perfect. With great enthusiasm we registered the FEROZ buttress and finally put it up for sale in December 2021 , since then maintaining contact with many families, pioneers in using our device, in order to find out first-hand how they are doing and in what can we improve Nadia thought of us for Nora, her 7-year-old daughter, looking for warm shoes to go to school and that she could use with the orthopedic insole she uses for her flat feet. The choice was Ademuz with a buttress, which she has worn daily since they were bought. Image of the use of the FEROZ buttress in some Ademuz rocker She is so happy with them for " comfortable and warm, now when she puts on her sneakers she complains that they pinch her fingers ." Mirian tells us that the buttress arrived " as a Christmas gift, just in time to finally be able to release some fierce ones ". Detail of the FEROZ buttress with orthopedic insole in a Paterna comic rocker shoe A very important part of our design process has come from the collaboration of several podiatrists , whose opinion continues to be very valuable to us in each review that they do individually with the little ones who wear our buttress. Laura, the mother of a 4-year-old girl with flat foot valgus, tells us that, supported by her podiatrist, they began to use corrective insoles on their fierce feet before the buttress was on sale, alternating with other footwear, and since its commercialization already with our buttress. According to her specialist, the improvement is evident and the little one is delighted. Now that she can use her ferocious footbeds and buttress, her mother assures us that " Daniela doesn't get so tired, she doesn't complain about her calves or her feet, she says she can run without her foot slipping back and she More importantly, he is so happy with them that at school he showed them to all his classmates and teachers, they are his super shoes to run a lot." Our buttress is the culmination of a project made out of love for children and guided by the objective that has led us from the beginning: to offer the best option for respectful footwear ; healthy, comfortable, resistant, beautiful and affordable, without leaving anyone out.
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