Adult pre-sale SS24

📆Pre-sale calendar

We tell you what advantages you have for making your purchase so far in advance, and we remember that it is not an obligation but an option 😍

✅ The main benefit is that you will be able to ensure the pair of shoes you want, buy them without stress, throughout a whole week, at any time.

✅ Shipping costs will be free (including shipments to Europe), regardless of the amount of your purchase

✅ As we know that it is not easy to get the size right so far in advance, we offer you 1 exchange free size (valid only in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands). You will have 7 days from the moment you receive the shoes to make your size change.

⚠️Size changes for the rest of Europe will cost €10.


You can buy your adult footwear in the pre-sale of the January 8 to 14, 2024.

⚠️ We will ship your order in May.

A few days before shipping you will receive an email in case you want to make a previous size change or want to modify any information about your shipping address.

⚠️ REMEMBER that you cannot order a pre-sale shoe and another one that we have in stock in the same order. For logistical reasons we cannot make two shipments on different dates for the same order. The system will notify you, eliminating the item so that you can place two orders.

 Characteristics of the models 👀
sandalias respetuosas minimalistas sujecion velcro tobillo tejido vegano piel adulto mujer hombre unisex oliva ss24



The most minimalist option. Minimal foot coverage.

🌱 New! Vegan option. Split leather microfiber: Black, khaki and blue

🐐 Skin: Black, pale pink, nut and gray.

☀️ The sole specially designed so that your foot does not slip and absorbs summer sweat.

🦶🏻 They are suitable for all types of feet , thanks to their Velcro regulation system.

  • Sizes 35 to 43 .
sandalias respetuosas piel natural velcro elasticos adulto mujer hombre primavera verano gandia



After their success, the Gandías are back! They are looking forward to accompanying you in your summer plans.🏝️

🐐 This season in natural leather . A soft and delicate touch. Black, pale pink, nut and taupe.

💧 The textile plant allows sweat to be absorbed, so that your feet do not slip.

👣 Its elastic and velcro regulation system adapts to different foot types.

  • Sizes 35 to 43 .
sandalias respetuosas trenzadas veganas colores sujecion tobillo adulto mujer hombre unisex meliana ss24



New braided sandal in the family! They gather from the metatarsals to the ankle, providing optimal support.

🌱 The braided vegan option of the season. Made of microfiber-suede. Black, nut, khaki, taupe and boiler.

👣 It has an elastic regulation system , which allows it to adjust to various foot types.

🪂Light, flexible and supported feet = happier feet

  • Sizes 35 to 43 .



The foot-shaped ballerina that allows the foot to be held in place, light and flexible. 🧤

🐐 Made of soft and smooth leather , you will feel them like a glove. Black, blue and nut.

🌄 The summer edition does not have a lining.

❎ The elastic allows you to adjust the closure and prevents them from coming off.

👣 Removable soft template to be able to exchange them.

♾️ Natural rubber sole, flexible and adherent.

  • Sizes 35 to 42 .



New braided ballet flats! So that special moments are accompanied by respectful and comfortable footwear.

🐐 Made of soft natural leather without lining so that your feet breathe correctly. Black, mustard, pale pink and nut.

🐰 Removable and soft insole, designed to be worn with bare feet.

  • Sizes 35 to 42 .

Olba Cuerda


New model! If the winter Olba suited you well, now more open and lighter for summer.

🩰 Made of natural leather or goat suede and without lining . Both, fine and delicate skins, with a very soft touch.

🌈 Colors: Skin: black . Split leather: Blue, nut and pale pink .

👣 They come with our special insoles for their softness. Designed to be in contact with the bare foot.

  • Sizes 36 to 42 .

Teulada Cuerda


New to the fierce family! Flexible and respectful of the foot. They will take you for a walk on the beach at sunset!🌴

🐐 They are made of fine and natural leather with an ultra soft touch . Black, mustard, pale pink, gray and khaki.

☀️ They have no lining, they are very breathable and cool , ideal as a functional summer basic.

🪢 The rope is resined to prevent it from being damaged by water or use.

👣 They come with our especially soft insoles designed to be worn on bare feet.

  • Sizes 36 to 42

Jérica Cuerda


We bring you minimalist sneakers again, which allow your feet to adapt to the sensation of walking barefoot.

🐐They are made of fine natural leather with an ultra soft and soft touch. Black, pale pink, khaki, lake and taupe.

☀️They have no lining, they are very breathable and cool.

🪢 The resin rope band protects the shoe and respects perspiration.

🪢 Rope and skin . Natural materials that respect breathability and freedom of movement.

👣 Adjustable elastic laces.

  • Sizes 36 to 42 .



Our basic sneakers in colors and flavors for the whole family. This summer strawberry, cream, mango….🍨

🌱 Made of vegan microfiber and without lining. Fresh, fresh!! White, pale pink, stone, blue and mustard.

🌈 New: Matching floor and laces to wrap yourself in color.

🌬️ Natural rubber sole with optimal grip and flexibility. The lateral strap protects the foot against impacts, respecting correct flexion.

👣 Lining and insole made of technical mesh fabric that allows perspiration.

  • Sizes 35 to 46 .

Paterna - Edición Especial Rayo


Casual shoe in basic tones, but with that personalized detail that you have asked for so much, the lightning bolt from our podiatrist friend Neus Moya. Irresistible!

🌱 Vegan : Microfiber (white); nubuck microfiber (blue and dark gray).
🐮 Skin : Pale pink.

🌬️ Natural rubber sole and side band to rock safely. Protects the foot against impacts while respecting the natural flexibility of the foot.

👣 Wide last with room for your fingers. Foot-shaped shoes.

  • Sizes 35 to 46 .



New to the Feroz family! Elegant and casual shoes with long uppers that respect the space of the fingers .

🌱 Made of vegan microfiber-nubuck and without lining. Stone, blue and khaki.

🌬️ Natural rubber sole and side band that protects the foot against impacts while respecting the flexion of the foot.

👣 Wide last with space for your fingers.

  • Sizes 40 to 46 .
zapatillas deportivas todoterreno respetuosas comodas ligeras unisex adulto hombre mujer onil ss24_f0b42d05 b8ec 4763 b64c 66446ebfe585



The long-awaited adult all-terrain sports shoes in the fierce family.

🤸 Reinforced rubber toe to better withstand the jogging of the most intrepid.

🌱 Vegan : Microfiber + lycra.

🎨 Available in many colors: khaki, black, blue, pink, gray and aqua.

💦 Water-repellent surface treatment (not waterproof), sole with sports design to protect the foot against impacts and adapt well to different types of surfaces.

  • Sizes 36 to 46 .
Ibi adulto_486b1fa2 98c8 495b 8a8b 6d1d5ceec424



The footwear that will make your fierce days a walk through cotton wool. 🐺

🚶‍♂️Designed for those who spend many hours walking or standing. They respect mobility by protecting the foot. Microfiber + lycra. New combination of materials! Resistant and breathable.

🎨 Available in many colors: khaki, black, blue, pink, gray, aqua and white.

💦 Water-repellent surface treatment to facilitate cleaning (not waterproof).

👟 The sole has a sporty design with nitrile rubber for greater flexibility and grip.

🏃‍♀️ Elastic and Velcro closure for a quick and comfortable fit.

  • Sizes 35 to 46 .

Would you like to feel the same as your little ones feel when wearing the ferocious ones? 🧠👣👶

After our experience with the third season of minimalist and healthy footwear for adults, we returned to the fray with a new pre-sale of adult shoes.

As with all our shoes, we have developed this line thinking about the health of your feet . 🦶💚

  • Thin, flexible and completely flat sole.
  • Wide last with room for your fingers.
  • Foot-shaped shoes.

Models ¬ colors 

How does this presale work? 

Is it like making a reservation for shoes? 🤷‍♀️

Indeed, the pre-sale is basically a reservation for this new adult line for the next SS24 season. You leave your shoes already paid for and we will send them to you later, at the beginning of May, when we have made them a reality.

📋 Once the pre-sale week has ended, we have collected all the orders and sent the information to our factory in Portugal so that production can begin.

⚠️ Since 04/13 no modifications can be made to the order (sizes, addresses, etc.)

🎁 Shipping costs are free , both to Spain and Europe.

⚠️ You have a free size change from Spain . It will cost €10 if made from Europe .

You have one week from when you receive your feroces to make a size change.

❌ If you ultimately do not want to keep any pair from the pre-sale once you have received them, that return will have an associated cost of €5 .
Return shipments made from Europe will have a cost of €10 .

⌛So that you can be aware of how the production process is progressing, we will send you information through your email so that you can see the progress of the shoes .

Pre-sale size guide SS24  

Here you have a link to the size guides, with length and width measurements of the inside of the shoe , as well as a recommendation to choose the size based on the length of your foot (between 7 and 13 mm of free space).

It is important that you measure your foot to choose the correct size in the pre-sale. We do not recommend that you be guided by the size of other footwear brands, as both the length and width could vary.

You can also click on the link and download the PDF template to measure your foot.

How does this presale work? 

What advantages do I have in buying in the presale?

What do I do if I make a mistake when placing my pre-sale order?

Can I make a size change?

I am from the Canary Islands, can I access the SS24 adult pre-sale?

Can my little one wear these shoes?

Do you have any more questions?