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Presale adult AW23

📆 Pre-sale calendar

We tell you what advantages you have for making your purchase so long in advance, and we remember that it is not an obligation but an option 😍

✅ The main benefit is that you can ensure the pair of shoes you want, buy them without stress, throughout a whole week, at any time.

✅Shipping costs will be free (including shipments to Europe), regardless of the amount of your purchase

✅As we know that it is not easy to get the size right so long in advance, we offer you 1 free size change (valid only on the peninsula and the Balearic Islands). You will have 7 days from the moment you receive the shoes to change your size.

⚠️Size changes for the rest of Europe will cost €10 and you must send us the shoes back.


  • You can buy your adult shoes in the pre-sale from June 05 to 12.

⚠️ We will ship your order in October

  • A few days before the shipment you will receive an email in case you want to make a prior change in size or want to modify any information in your shipping address.

⚠️ REMEMBER that you cannot order a pre-sale shoe and another that we have in stock in the same order. For logistical reasons we cannot make two shipments for the same order and the order will arrive in October.

 Characteristics of the models 👀


79 - €89

We bring you again the sports shoes with laces and this time elastic. 😜 A shoe for the whole year that you will never want to take off.

  • They are made of leather: pale pink, nut, gray and black and microfiber: white and khaki 🐮
  • They will fit you like a glove. 🧤
  • 👣 They come with our removable insoles, and adjustable elastic laces . Super easy to put on.
  • Sizes 36 to 42 .


69 - €89

This season, we reflect the art of the little ones, which they usually express on floors and walls, in your Jéricas. Based on real events! We know that it is causing a furor among kindergarten teachers

  • 🌱 They are made of microfiber, a fantasy for vegans.
  • They are very breathable. The technical lining will keep your feet dry.
  • They come with our removable insoles so you can clean it, or replace it.
  • Easier to put on with the adjustable elastic laces .
  • Sizes 36 to 42 .



The dancers arrive for the "older" ones in the house.

  • All are made of leather and do not have a lining , so that the feet are cool.
  • They adapt to medium and wide feet . On thin feet, being very open, they do not fit quite well.
  • The band that crosses the ballerina is an elastic band that allows greater support.
  • You can choose between 4 colors : black, pink, mustard and nut.
  • They have our traditional removable insoles.
  • Sizes 34 to 42 .



We present our new sandals: braided !

  • Being made of microfiber , they are vegan and can get wet.
  • The insole has a split leather texture, which allows it to absorb sweat so that the feet do not slip.
  • Its regulation system is elastic , being suitable for all types of feet.
  • You will have 5 colors to choose from: white, black, nut, pale pink and khaki.
  • Sizes 35 to 42 .



The most minimalist sandals are back.

  • Made of microfiber , they are vegan and can get wet.
  • Its insole has a suede texture , so your feet don't slip and the summer sweat is absorbed.
  • They are suitable for all types of feet , and this year we have added elastic to the strap that acts as a regulation system, so that even more feet can enjoy them.
  • We make it difficult for you to choose with 6 available colors : black, nut, pale pink, khaki, gray and mint.
  • Sizes 35 to 42 .

Maximum breathability insoles


Insoles with maximum breathability for the hottest months of the year.

  • Sizes 34 to 46 .
Models and colors

👉 Take a look at this video where Lau explains all the news of this new SS23 adult presale and also where he answers many questions. 📺 ⤵️⤵️

Would you like to feel the same that your little ones feel when wearing the fierce ones? 🧠👣👶

After our experience with the second season of minimalist and healthy footwear for adults, we are back with a new pre-sale of adult shoes.

As in all our shoes, we have developed this line with the health of your feet in mind . 🦶💚

  • Fine, flexible and completely flat sole.
  • Wide last with room for your fingers.
  • Foot-shaped shoes.
Timeline preventa adulto ss23 sandalias
Timeline preventa adulto ss23 zapatos
How does this presale work?

Is it like making a reservation for shoes? 🤷‍♀️

Indeed, the pre-sale is basically a reservation for this new adult line for the next SS23 season. You leave your shoes already paid for and we will send them to you later , when we have made them a reality.

📋 Once the pre-sale week has ended, we have collected all the orders and sent the information to our factory in Portugal so that production can begin.

⚠️ Since 04/13 no modifications can be made to the order (sizes, addresses, etc.)

🎁 Shipping costs are free , both to Spain and Europe.

⚠️ You have a free size change from Spain . It will cost €10 if made from Europe .

You have until May 31 to make a size change, if necessary, for the Gandía and Oliva models.

❌ If you ultimately do not want to keep any pair from the pre-sale once you have received them, that return will have an associated cost of €5 .
Return shipments made from Europe will have a cost of €10 .

⌛So that you can be aware of how the production process is progressing, we will send you information through your email so that you can see the progress of the shoes .

Pre-sale size guide SS23

Here you have a summary with measurements of length and width of the inside of the shoe , as well as a recommendation to choose the size based on the length of your foot (between 7 and 13 mm of free space).

It is important that you measure your foot to choose the correct size in the presale. We do not advise you to be guided by the size of other shoe brands, since both the length and width could vary.

How does this presale work?

What advantages do I have in buying in the presale?

What do I do if I make a mistake when placing my pre-sale order?

Will I be able to make a size change?

Can I buy templates in pre-sale?

Can my little one wear these shoes?

Do you have any more questions?