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Coral Leather
White Microfibre
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Mint Leather
Blue Denim
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Moraira trainers for their first steps.

These shoes in a range of fun colours give them the feeling of walking barefoot, protecting their feet but without interfering with their development . 👶🦶

🦶 The best model for wide feet and/or high insteps, thanks to its double Velcro fastening. If your little one has narrow feet and is at the beginning of the size, they can wear them, but there will be more of the Velcro strap left over after fastening.

▶️ Zapato FEROZ recommends: for medium and high insteps.

💡Inspiration for summer: "The first task of education is to stir up life, but leave it free to develop" - María Montessori

🌱 Vegan - microfibre: white and grey.

🐮 Leather: mint .

The trainer that respects your baby's feet.

👩‍⚕️ We followed the advice of pediatric podiatrists to design and create the Moraira.

🦶 A straight last to accommodate your little one's foot. 

👣 Plenty of room for little toes to move freely, 0º adduction in the big toe.

⬇️ Padded and super breathable inner lining. A great fit designed for your little one to wear them with or without socks.

👟 Flat, thin (3.5 mm) and flexible sole. Facilitates a more conscious and stable foot strike.

🦠 Flat, arch-free,removable insole provides protection, insulation and breathability.

🦸‍♀️ Its double Velcro fastening for easy on and off, giving your baby more autonomy.

🎨 We have created shoes that provide autonomy and freedom of movement, ideal for your baby's first steps, in a range of colours.

🧼 Rubber toe cap, band and rubber Velcro fastening increase durability and facilitate cleaning..

🌱 Vegan - microfibre: white and grey.
Resistant and easy-care microfibre.

🐮 Leather: mint.

How to clean your FEROZ leather shoes:

🧹 Dry brush with a hard shoe brush to remove excess dirt.
🧹 Brush the toe rubber with a little soap and water.
🧼 Dry the rubber well with a cloth.
💧 Dampen a cloth with water and squeeze it well to remove any excess.
🤚🏻 Clean the whole shoe.
🧹 Brush the sole with a soft brush and water.
Leave the shoes to dry (but never in direct sunlight).
🧴When the shoe is dry, restore the leather by applying a layer of moisturizer or colourless shoe cream. Always apply the cream to a cloth first and then spread it over the shoe.
🌟 Ready to wear!

This video shows you how to clean your FEROZ footwear:

How to clean your microfibre FEROZ shoes:

🧹 Dry brush with a hard shoe brush to remove excess dirt.
💧Put some natural shoe cleaner on a soft shoe brush and wet the brush slightly with water.
🧹 Brush the shoe .
🧼 Dry the shoe with a cloth.
🌟 Ready to wear!

This video shows you how to clean your FEROZ footwear:


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Feroz testimonials

Tea felt more comfortable and confident barefoot.

I want to give Diego the best possible option for good growth and development.

Gamil has taught us that when learning to walk, there is nothing better than going barefoot.

FEROZ shoes are the ideal footwear for babies

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