Olba Adult AW23

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Blue leather
Nut piel
Black leather

🩰 First cousin of the Aitana but with the Jérica shape, narrower. Request from our clients!

👩‍👦 Made of soft and soft leather , you will feel them like a glove.

🧠 Enjoy an experience on your feet that you won't be able to forget... once you try them, there will be no going back.

🐮 Skin: blue, black and nut.

New to the fierce family, Olba is the dancer that so many clients asked us for.

🩰 A slightly thinner and more stylized last for narrower feet. The neckline is closer for greater support of the foot.

🧤 Made with soft and smooth skin . You will feel them like a glove.

👶 Feel the same as your little one by also wearing respectful footwear.

🤸🏾‍♀️ Elastic strip that offers more support, for the most dynamic moms.


Outer material

Natural, soft and squishy leather to feel like a glove.

🐮 Natural leather in blue, black and nut colors. Natural leather leaves irregularities present that make it more authentic, respectful and breathable.


🧥 Fine and warm microfiber fabric. Soft and pleasant touch . Allows perspiration providing thermal comfort.


Flat, removable insole, without bridge. Medium thermal comfort.

Materials: High quality microfiber and EVA rubber surface.

👣 The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 class I seal certifies that it is ecological and free of agents harmful to health.


👟 Flat, thin and light sole. It protects your sole against impacts, allowing you to receive all the information from the ground through your feet.

🙏 Now also made of nitrile rubber. More flexible and with a great grip. Finally, you can return from work without foot pain!

⚠️If you clean your shoes every day, be aware that it may result in long-term negative effects. Excessive cleaning can accelerate the degradation of the shoe.

❌ Do not put them in the washing machine because we cannot guarantee they will come out in good condition.
❌ Brightly coloured shoes may lose some of their colour if submerged in water. We recommend only using a well-wrung damp cloth to clean your footwear.

How to clean your leather Zapato Feroz footwear:

🧹Dry brush with a hard shoe brush to remove excess dirt.
🧹Brush the rubber toe cap with a little soap and water.
🧼Dry the rubber toe cap well with a cloth.
💧Dampen a cloth with water (only water) and squeeze it well to remove any excess water.
🤚🏻Use the cloth to clean the whole shoe..
🧹Brush the sole with a soft brush and water.
Leave it to dry (never in direct sunlight).
🧴When the shoe is dry, restore the leather by applying a layer of moisturizer or colourless shoe cream. Always apply the cream to a cloth first and then spread it over the shoe.
🌟Ready to wear!

This video shows you how to clean your Zapato FEROZ footwear:


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