Concurso Diseña tus feroces
Concurso FEroz

"Design your fierce 2024" contest.

One more year we want to take advantage of the fact that the little ones...
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Los zapatos también respiran. Coolmax®
calzado infantil

Shoes breathe too. Coolmax®

Today we are going to reveal to you the hidden secret⚗️ within the Coolmax® fabric,...
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Historias de una línea llamada "Ulises".
healthy life

Stories from a line called "Ulysses."

Today we tell you one of those stories that moves us 🥲 , and moves...
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Preventa SS24
tienda online

Pre-sale SS24

🏃One, two, three... Yaaaaaaa! This is like a long distance race. We enjoy and suffer...
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Calendario de adviento FEROZ
Navidad Feroz

FEROZ advent calendar

Mom, Dad, how long until Christmas? 🤗 Surely you have already answered this question on...
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IBI. Nuevo miembro en la familia feroz.
calzado flexible

IBI. New member in the fierce family.

Like each of the models we created from scratch, Ibi, it took us sweat and...
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"Rockear" Nuestra canción
Actividades Feroces

"Rock" Our song

As part of our work, we like to focus on promoting a culture of respect during childhood....
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Concurso "Diseña tus feroces."
Concurso FEroz

Competition "Design your own Feroz shoes."

This summer, we decided once again to let your kids' imaginations run wild 🪁 and...
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Aprendiendo a cuidar las uñas de los pies.
Actividades Feroces

Learning to take care of toenails.

A few days ago we were lucky enough to spend the afternoon at the presentation of the...
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La microfibra feroz
materiales sostenibles

Our microfibre for Feroz shoes

🤓 Choosing the right microfibre for our shoes was not an easy task. Can you...
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Hormas con forma de pie humano

Shoe lasts shaped like a human foot

The foot 🦶🏼 is an anatomo-functional unit composed of 26 bones, 33 joints, 22 muscles...
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mirada respeto infancia
movimiento libre

Time to change: "You're fine"

When we entered the world of respectful parenting we met @tetaaporter.❤️ I always say that...
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