Niño y niña quitándose sus zapatos

Why do children take off their shoes?

In today's FEROZ shoe post we want to answer an eternal question for many fathers and mothers: Why do children take off their shoes?

Children may prefer to walk barefoot in their first steps for various reasons, so we are going to analyze the 5 most common throughout this article.

But first, let's look at the most suitable children's footwear for the first stages of your little one according to FEROZ shoe .

From its birth until the beginning of crawling, it is not necessary to put baby shoes on it, at most we will put socks on it to protect it from the cold. In the crawling stage, they can continue barefoot, especially if they are in a friendly and controlled environment such as our home.

In case of visiting the outside world, it is advisable to wear adapted baby shoes, light shoes with soft soles are ideal to protect the baby from the physical elements of the terrain, as well as the weather.


Around the first year of life, children already begin to take their first steps , that is when they really need flexible-soled shoes , which continue to allow contact with the ground and facilitate their locomotor and proprioceptive development.

1- The tactile sensitivity of the feet

If your child takes off his shoes, it may be due to some loss of sensation. A baby's feet have extraordinary tactile sensitivity, even greater than their own hands in their first months of life.

As it grows, this sensitivity in the feet loses importance compared to the one present in the hands and mouth. At your feet is a wonderful source of information from the outside world .

Through them they get to know new textures and feel the different temperatures, something that stimulates their cognitive development.

To understand each other, it is as if we were made to look for something in a bag with a mitten in our hand, it would bother us because we would not notice the touch and we would feel useless, so we would finally take it off and search inside the bag with our bare hand.


2- Freedom of movement

In the case of a baby this factor is really important. The fact of holding his feet with his hands allows him to know the limits of his own body. If we put shoes on it, it gets confused and can't find its feet.

In those who are already crawling or walking, it is important that they feel free to move at all times. As Gentil García points out in his study Preventive podiatry: barefoot children equal to more intelligent children , the child who has the opportunity to go barefoot develops his intelligence much more easily from 3 fundamental aspects: motor skills, sensitivity and psyche.

3- The comfort of going barefoot

Even adults recognize that it is comfortable to go barefoot. Now imagine a baby who starts to crawl and is put on a shoe that is very heavy, he will feel limited and removed from the comfort of moving freely.

In this sense, it is advisable to be able to go barefoot at home, which is where they seek maximum comfort.


4- Security and stability

If a child goes barefoot , it means that he does not feel safe and stable walking with the shoes he is wearing. Especially when they begin to take their first steps, they need the foot to feel secure in order to start walking.

When a child walks barefoot , and even more so on different surfaces such as beach sand or meadow grass, they are helping the soles of their feet and ankles to strengthen.

5- His feet sweat

Sometimes shoes are not made with breathable materials and soles . That is when the feet overheat and sweat, something that can bother them, ending up taking off their shoes.

They prefer to go barefoot because they feel that their feet are more airy. And don't worry, walking barefoot won't catch a cold, colds are always caught by a viral infection.

Given these 5 reasons why a child prefers to take off their shoes and go barefoot , we see that the ideal footwear for babies is our FEROZ shoe.

Our rubber soles allow the little one's soles not to lose sensitivity, and have the sensation of going barefoot . The leather is breathable, non-slip and flexible, and allows freedom of movement of the foot, especially in the ankle.

We work with the best quality : 100% natural materials, free of toxic and chemical products. oh! And also, at FEROZ shoe we always bet on local production.


Do you want to see what the FEROZ shoe models are like? Enter our online store of baby shoes and choose the ideal footwear .

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