Paterna Feroz AW23 Rojo Piel ,Calzado minimalista para bebés. Neus Moya y su libro Zapatos Nuevos convertido en zapatillas.
Paterna Feroz AW23 Rojo Piel ,Calzado minimalista para bebés. Neus Moya y su libro Zapatos Nuevos convertido en zapatillas.
Paterna Feroz AW23 Calzado minimalista para bebés. Neus Moya y su libro Zapatos Nuevos convertido en zapatillas.

Moraira Feroz - Special Edition New Shoes

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Red Leather

❣️ Our special tribute to Neus Moya and her book Zapatos Nuevos (New Shoes) , which you can purchase in our accessories section.

🌍 Shoes designed for adventures and more, without interfering with the development of your baby's feet .

🦶 The best model for wide feet and/or high insteps, thanks to its double Velcro fastening. If your little one has narrow feet and is at the beginning of the size, they can wear them, but there will be more of the Velcro strap left over after fastening.

▶️ Zapato FEROZ recommends: for medium and high insteps.

🐮 Leather.

The easiest trainers for your baby to put on, more fun than ever.

🐺 Feroces version 4.0: Lighter, more flexible, and higher toe box!
The little toes now have more space to move, and the nitrile rubber on the sole and velcro provides strength, flexibility, and grip.

👩‍⚕️Our love for Neus Moya and her book "Zapatos Nuevos" turned into trainers.

📖 Super fun trainers with a cute face on the toe cap, inspired by the book "Zapatos Nuevos" that you can find on our website, so your little one can learn about respectful footwear.

👩‍⚕️ We follow the advice of pediatric podiatrists to design and create Moraira Zapatos Nuevos.

🦶 Straight last and adjusted to your little one's foot shape.

👣 Space for free movement of the toes, 0º toe adduction.

👟 Flat sole, thin (3.5 mm), and flexible. Facilitates a more conscious and stable step.

🦠 Flat, removable, and bridgeless insole. Provides protection, insulation, and breathability.

🦸‍♀️ Double Velcro for maximum opening and ease of wearing, enhancing your baby's autonomy.

🧼 Rubber toe cap, side bands, and velcro straps. Increases durability and facilitates cleaning.


Outer Material

🐮 The leather in this special edition is irresistible. Natural, breathable, soft, and supple. We wanted to make this edition an icon of respectful footwear, so we spared no expense. The leather offers unbeatable performance, but remember that it is more delicate than microfiber.


👣 We've designed the insoles to keep little feet drier. The bottom support is a carefully studied density foam with 🪨activated charcoal, to prevent the formation of bacteria from sweat that causes foot odor. In contact with the foot, a breathable technical fabric draws sweat to the outside.
🌱 Certified ecological OEKO-TEX, STANDARD 100.


🌬️ Proper shoe ventilation is important for foot health. 💚That's why all our shoes come with a technical and sporty lining, highly breathable and quick-drying, to keep the foot dry and healthy.
🌱 Certified ecological OEKO-TEX, STANDARD 100.


👟 Flexible soles made of nitrile rubber. They provide excellent grip, perfect for venturing into the great outdoors 🪐. Minimal thickness to reduce impacts without losing contact with the ground.

📢 The nitrile sole is more flexible, durable, and more adhesive. In white color, it may have a slight yellowish tone, so keep that in mind!

⚠️If you're someone who cleans your shoes every day, be aware that it can be counterproductive in the long run. Excessive cleaning can accelerate the shoe's degradation.

How to clean your leather Feroces:

🧹Brush them dry with a stiff shoe brush to remove excess dirt.
🧹Brush the rubber toe cap with a bit of water and soap. 🧼Dry the rubber well with a cloth. 💧Dampen a cloth with water (only water) and wring it out very well.
🤚🏻Clean the entire shoe with it.
🧹Brush the sole with a soft brush and water.
Let them dry (never in direct sunlight). 🧴When the shoe is dry, to rejuvenate the leather, you can apply a layer of moisturizing cream or colorless shoe cream, always applying the cream to a cloth and then distributing it over the shoe.
🌟Ready to go!

Here's a video on how to do the cleaning:


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Tea felt more comfortable and confident barefoot.

I want to give Diego the best possible option for good growth and development.

Gamil has taught us that when learning to walk, there is nothing better than going barefoot.

FEROZ shoes are the ideal footwear for babies

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