Fierce Tabarca

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Egg Yolk Leather
Mint Leather
Blue nubuck microfibre
Nut Microfibra
Rosa Palo piel
White Microfibre

The most open sandal we have for your baby this summer, fresh and fun. 🌬️

▶️ Feroz recommendation. 🦶 Low and medium instep, normal sizes. High instep, Plus+ sizes (white, pink, mustard and blue).

☝️ Remember, trust your little one, he is capable. #YoPuedoAlone

The baby sandal that offers total freedom of movement.

👣 Natural shape of the foot, wide front area to offer space for little fingers to be free and happy.
🦸‍♀️ Velcro closure on the front and rear shooter.
🧼 Rubber toe. Increases durability and facilitates cleaning.
🦠 Removable antibacterial microfiber flat insole. Provides protection, insulation and perspiration.
👟 3.5 mm flat rubber sole: flexible, light and non-slip.
➕ Plus+ sizes in colors: white, pink, mint and blue.

🎥 In the following video you can see this cool baby sandal for summer.

Vegans - microfiber🌱: blue and white.
Microfiber with high resistance to abrasion, durability and easy maintenance, it can be wet without losing its properties.

Skin 🐮: grey, pink, mustard, mint and raspberry.
Tanned leather without chrome, toxic or heavy metals. The softest and most adaptable material.

How to clean your fierce microfiber:

🧹 Dry brush with a hard shoe brush to remove excess dirt.
💧Put some natural shoe cleaner on a soft shoe brush and wet the brush slightly with water.
🧹 Brush the shoe .
🧼 Dry the shoe with a rag.
🌟 Ready!

We leave you the video of how to do the cleaning:

How to clean your fierce skin:

🧹 Dry brush with a hard shoe brush to remove excess dirt.
🧹 Brush the toe rubber with a little soap and water. 🧼 Dry the rubber well with a rag. 💧 Moisten a rag with water (water only) and slip very well.
🤚🏻 Clean the whole shoe with him .
🧹 Brush the sole with a soft brush and water.
Let dry (never in the sun). 🧴When the shoe is dry, to recover the skin, you can give it a layer of moisturizer or colorless shoe cream , always applying the cream on a cloth and then distributing it through the shoe.
🌟 Ready!

We leave you the video of how to do the cleaning:


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Tea felt more comfortable and confident barefoot.

I want to give Diego the best possible option for good growth and development.

Gamil has taught us that when learning to walk, there is nothing better than going barefoot.

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