Paterna Feroz - Special Edition Ulysses SS24

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White Microfiber
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Yellow Microfiber

🍭 In the summer, kids deserve extra colour and fun.

👣 Let your child enjoy the feeling of walking barefoot while protecting their feet.

☝️ Remember, your baby will walk when they are ready; trust them, don't rush and enjoy the journey.

Zapato Feroz recommends: low and medium insteps.

🌱 Microfibre: white, red, mint and yellow.

Paterna Feroz - Special Edition Ulysses SS24

Paterna Feroz - Special Edition Ulysses SS24


❣️ This summer illustrated with the motif a dad painted on the Feroz of his little Ulysses...hence the name!

🐺Our Feroz line continues to evolve. Now with thin, natural rubber soles. The same flexibility and grip as before but now more sustainable.

👣Straight last to give feet room to grow naturally. More height in the toe box to give little toes space to be free and happy.

⬇️ Breathable inner lining so they can be worn with or without socks.

🦠 Flat, removable, arch-free insole provides protection, insulation and breathability.

🦸‍♀️ Velcro fastening system, elastic laces and heel loop for an easy fit.

⚠️ We do not recommend using our natural shoe cleaner because it can damage the printed design.

Upper sole

❣️ Microfibre with a high quality print design.

🌱 Microfibre: it has the same characteristics as natural leather but can withstand the lives of busy feet much better.🤸🏿 It is soft and pleasant to the touch in light, breathable material. Resistant, easy to clean and quick drying. The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 class I seal certifies, by an independent laboratory, that it is ecological and toxin free.

⚠️ The print may fade if rubbed or brushed too vigorously.


Thermal comfort matters to us! 🤗That's why we use a technical fabric in the lining and insoles. Designed to keep the feet dry for longer by displacing sweat to the outside of the shoe.

🌱 OEKO-TEX ecological certificate, STANDARD 100.


👣 All Feroz templates are removable. Frequent washing improves foot health. Light, flexible and seamless. Breathable material, thanks to the micro-perforated technical fabric and the foam support with active carbon that prevent the formation of sweat bacteria that generate unpleasant food odour. They keep the feet dry for longer.

🌱 OEKO-TEX ecological certificate, STANDARD 100.


👟 Natural rubber soles that provide good grip and flexibility. Designed so that their first steps are taken safely in shoes that respect their feet. Minimum thickness to reduce impact without losing contact with the ground.

📢 In addition to the properties it adds to the footwear, it generates less waste during the manufacturing process. And it can be reused which makes it more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

⚠️If you clean your shoes every day, it can be counterproductive in the long run. Excessive cleaning can contribute to accelerating the degradation of the shoe.

How to clean your microfibre Feroz:

🧹 Dry brush with a hard shoe brush to remove excess dirt.
💧 Put some natural shoe cleaner on a soft shoe brush and wet the brush with some water.
🧹 Brush the shoe .
🧼 Dry the shoe with a cloth.
🌟 They're ready to wear!

This video shows you how to clean your footwear:

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